Social Skills Development Group

One of the core deficits in children with autism is in the area of social skills. Our social skills groups are designed to teach children an array of socially appropriate behaviors using behavior analytic methods. In the group setting, they learn skills such as turn-taking, appropriate waiting, initiating and sustaining conversations, problem solving and identifying social cues. Each child has an individual program with specific target behaviors, and data is collected to assess progress.

Intake Assessment

A social Skills Observation Assessment (SSOA) is completed during your first session in the group. The SSOA assesses skills that are essential in developing and maintaining appropriate social interactions such as, joint attention and attending, greetings, social play, conversation skills, perspective taking, critical thinking skills and developing friendships. As a result of this assessment, we are able to identify specific behaviors to work on and develop specific strategies to target those behaviors in a small group setting.

Group Sessions

Sessions are divided by age and include children who have similar needs. Each group is designed to offer the appropriate amount of support depending on the skill level of the children enrolled. A certified behavior analyst is part of the social group team to ensure that each child is making progress and meeting their social goals.